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Vitafloor: The vibrating plate for horses

The Vitafloor® vibration system is a safe and easy way to give a horse a versatile physical training and massage in one go. The result of this is a marked improvement in blood circulation, not only in the legs, but according to research also in the organs and upper body. This leads to better health, prevention of injuries, as well as acceleration of the healing process and the prevention and cure of certain types of colic.


Vitafloor® has been specially developed for horses and uses the same well-known physical and principles of “Whole Body Vibration” as used for astronaut training to stimulate the development of turn density and muscle mass. The human variety is known worldwide as a means to increase general fitness and burn fat. Because the vibration leads to better blood flow without the horse having to move, it is a very effective therapy for horses that are not in training or that need stable rest.


Vitafloor is a specially developed floor with a thick rubber mat on top. Vibration motors make the floor vibrate very softly with different frequencies depending on the use, for example to prevent injuries, for training or for rehabilitation. The system is fully computer controlled and automatic and contains a timer that switches the system off automatically after the program has ended


We hope to have informed you sufficiently and to have made you enthusiastic about this beautiful addition to our accommodation.


Team De Bonte Drie