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Onze accommodatie

Our accommodation is equipped with many conveniences and has the following facilities:

  • Covered riding hall of 20 x 40 m, with All Weather Tuft bottom
  • lunging circle
  • horse walker, for 4 horses
  • laundry / cleaning place with warm water and solarium
  • tack room
  • 7 luxury boxes
  • 6 spacious paddocks, all with automatic drinking trough and unlimited hay
  • Meadow
  • ample parking
  • cozy canteen with wood stove
  • www.horse-control.com : Vitafloor whole body vibration, vibration therapy for horses. To prevent and cure numerous complaints. Take a look at the website! Agent Benelux: 06-51219189

Our stable

Our stable is managed by Miranda. She is responsible for the daily affairs and training of our horses. Through all the facilities we offer, we let the talents of our horses develop optimally and we ensure that our young horses grow up healthy and balanced.

Our horses

From our small-scale breeding, we occasionally have a high-quality horse for sale.