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About us

De Bonte Drie stable is located in the southeast of the province of Groningen, amidst a vast nature reserve, in the town of Mussel. Miranda and Leon Nouwens run this company that is engaged in breeding the Spanish horse PRE (Pura Raza Española) or Andalusian, as often popularly referred to. Our personal breeding goal is to breed a PRE that can compete well in dressage, with three good gaits, beauty and all this combined with a golden character. In short, a good sport horse that is easy to ride by every rider and also looks beautiful.

De Bonte Drie is a small-scale hobby farm and is uniquely combined with a care stable.

Our name De Bonte Drie is derived from the horses that started it all. Our three first tinkers; Robin, Brad and Owen.

In 2000 begonnen we een winkel in Exloo, die de naam De Bonte Drie kreeg. In 2005 zijn wij een Zorgstal gestart in het Groningse Mussel. De pakkende naam De Bonte Drie, hebben wij nooit veranderd.

The original variegated three