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Vitafloor / De Bonte Drie price list

Use of the Vitafloor is only permitted in consultation with De Bonte Drie, the maximum time is 20 minutes.

NEVER leave your horse alone and NEVER attach it to the Vitafloor!

Prices Vitafloor

The maximum time is 20 min at a time.

€ 15.00 each time including VAT

With one-time use of the Vitafloor, € 15.00 must be paid in advance to the staff of De Bonte Drie

Subscription prices Vitafloor

The maximum time is 20 min at a time.

10 rides card at € 125.00 including VAT.

If no use is made of all 10 times, no refund will be made.

Payment in advance. You will receive an invoice.

Reservations in consultation

Coffee / tea for free.


If your horse has an injury, consultation can take place with the developers of the Vitafloor. They have all kinds of schedules for different injuries. In this way, the most suitable schedule for your horse can be considered in consultation. The price is on request and will be determined on the basis of the rehabilitation schedule.

For more information about the Vitafloor you can always visit the website www.vitafloor.com

The vibration plate for horses

The Vitafloor® vibration system is a safe and easy way to give a horse a versatile physical training and massage in one go. The result of this is a marked improvement in blood circulation, not only in the legs, but according to research also in the organs and upper body. This leads to better health, prevention of injuries, as well as acceleration of the healing process and the prevention and cure of certain types of colic.


Vitafloor® is speciaal ontwikkeld voor paarden en gebruikt dezelfde welbekende fysieke en technologische principes van “Whole Body Vibration”, zoals die ook gebruikt wordt voor het trainen van astronauten om de ontwikkeling van bochtdichtheid en spiermassa te stimuleren. De menselijke variant staat wereldwijd bekend als een middel om de algemene fitheid te verhogen en vet te verbranden. Doordat de vibratie leidt tot betere bloeddoorstroming zonder dat het paard hoeft te bewegen, is het een zeer effectieve therapie voor paarden die niet in training zijn of stalrust moeten hebben.


Vitafloor is a specially developed floor with a thick rubber mat on top. Vibration motors make the floor vibrate very softly with different frequencies depending on the use, for example to prevent injuries, for training or for rehabilitation. The system is fully computer controlled and automatic and contains a timer that switches the system off automatically after the program has ended


We hope to have informed you sufficiently and to have made you enthusiastic about this beautiful addition to our accommodation.


Team De Bonte Drie