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Welcome Lusitano

At the beginning of October 2017, we were startled at night by a fire in our daycare building. Where our complete canteen and a living area were completely destroyed. As a result, it has become quiet for a while with posting messages ...

But now good news again!

At the end of November we went on vacation to Golega in Portugal for a week. Here we have bought a beautiful 3-year-old black Lusitano stallion. His name is Jaleque. Because he is still so young and youthful, he is currently training with Hester Bischot in Dalen. He is doing great. It is a picture of a horse, has a great character and is very eager to learn. He moves with a lot of space, has a lot of front and a very appealing head. And he has a gallop to lick. We will keep you posted on his progress on this page.