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care stable

De Bonte Drie gives daytime activities to adults with autism spectrum disorders, such as PDD-nos, ADHD, ADD and mild intellectual disabilities. We also offer residential counseling in the form of outpatient counseling at home, with 24-hour service.

The support / guidance is financed on the basis of a personal budget (PGB).

We introduce our participants to simple small (repair) work. In addition to manual labor, doing chores and helping with the care of the horses, we devote plenty of time and attention to relaxation.

Our guidance focuses on self-reliance, independence, good manners and generally applicable standards and values.

De Bonte Drie, trusted and safe!

De Bonte Drie is affiliated with the Branchevereniging van Zorgboeren.

  • All our employees have an emergency response diploma
  • HACCP certified employees work in our company
  • Our company is a Zoönosen responsible company
  • Wij zijn aangesloten bij Stigas en wij zijn verzekerd bij Interpolis
  • De Bonte Drie is gecertificeerd door de Federatie Landbouw en Zorg middels een kwaliteitssysteem met keurmerk